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A Woman's Place is in a Powerful Coven Towel

Put trifling fools on notice with this stylishly vengeful kitchen towel set. It makes a great feminist gift for the witch in your life who loves a good hex or retribution spell. This 3 pack features a big stunning floral print paired with our original quotes. They look great folded on display or laying flat. Each towel is hand printed using water-based inks that produce a durable vibrant finish. What's included: "Never underestimate the restorative power of a crispy, melty grilled cheese and well-crafted revenge plot" dish towel "Practice self-care like a Venus Flytrap stay hydrated and destroy whatever pest invades your personal space" dish towel "A woman's place is at the helm of a powerful coven, where she can bend reality to her will and strike fear into the hearts of men" dish towel About our dish towels: Absorbent high quality 100% cotton 130 thread count Hemmed on all sides Machine washable Hand printed with water-based inks Measures 19" x 28"