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Consignment Information

Interested in selling your products with us on a consignment basis?  Here's how it works.

Click the button below to submit our consignment application. 

If we have openings for new consignment artists and we think your work would do well in our setting, we will get back to you to discuss options and next steps.  

Please be aware that we prioritize applications that are from adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, as there are less opportunities for them.

We do keep all applications on file for the future.  Please scroll down to review our rules and responsibilities for both vendors and Madam Clutterbuckets.

 Still have questions? Email us at

Responsibilities of Vendors:

  1. New vendors will have a 60 day trial to see if the merchandise is a good fit for the shop and is selling well. If the merchandise that a vendor provides does not sell as expected, Madam Clutterbucket’s Neurodiverse Universe reserves the right to terminate the consignment agreement after the 60 day trial.
  2. Bring in enough stock to allow us to display your merchandise well. You can bring in small displays of your own to arrange your merchandise if you would like to.
  3. Please bring in an invoice with the item names, number of items and the amount you want to get for each item. (Some people put item numbers on their merchandise to help keep track of them - it is up to you.)
  4. If you use your own tags, please do not write the price on them and leave enough room for us to put our price stickers on them. You are welcome to display your business card or put a bio next to your merchandise. etc. Customers want to know who you are and more about you so feel free to link your items to your own social media accounts, website, etc. (We want you to be successful and we will help people to find out about your merchandise!)
  5. It is the vendor's responsibility to check in/come in frequently to see if you need to bring in more stock. We will reach out if we see that your stock level is getting low. It is very important that you restock quickly because space is a premium. If a vendor does not regularly restock their inventory, Madam Clutterbucket’s Neurodiverse Universe reserves the right to terminate the consignment agreement.
  6. SALES: Vendors may run “sales” for their merchandise for a period not to exceed 30 days at a time. Vendor is responsible for signage promoting sale and informing MCNU about the sale so we can be aware.
  7. At times we will highlight a vendors merchandise. If you do not want us to put your merchandise on social media please let us know.

Responsibilities of Madam Clutterbucket’s Neurodiverse Universe:

  1. Each Vendor will be entered into our POS system to keep track of your monthly sales. We will enter each of your items into the POS by the name/item number you give us and it will all be tied to your vendor ID. This allows us to track and search sales. We will create a pricing protocol for each item depending on the item.
  2. Pay Periods: All vendors will be paid monthly. The pay period will be from the first day of the month to the close of business day on the last day of the month.
  3. Payment: Your check will be cut the first week of each month. You can come pick up the check after the 5th or your check can be mailed should you provide your contact information. When you receive the check it will also have a detailed report of the items that sold. This will include the sale date, item description/ inventory number, the number of items sold and the total amount due to you. Please retain these statements to track your inventory.
  4. Sales Tax: MCNU will be responsible for the collection and payment of sales tax to the Treasurer, State of North Carolina. Vendors may not use MCNU’s sales tax number for their personal use.
  5. Vendor Identification: Only vendors will be allowed to remove unsold items or pick-up their checks.
  6. Prohibited Sales: MCNU reserves the right to prohibit any item from being sold on the premises. All sales must go through the point of sale and cannot happen directly between a vendor and a customer – any violation of this policy will serve as cause for termination of the vendor agreement.
  7. MCNU does not do layaways or offer any particular discount of consigned goods without consent from the vendor.
  8. Credit and Debit Cards: MCNU accepts payment by Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay and debit cards. MCNU will not accept local checks.
  9. Losses and Insurance: MCNU carries major loss insurance in case of a flood or fire. MCNU is not responsible for theft or breakage of any vendor item that are for sale at the shop.